Hi guys 🙂

Today is the #1 post ever! I’m pysched, but please bear with me. I’m still getting the hang of this thing. I’ll be aiming to blog a new post every few days, and when I get a camera I can show you stuff. Like food…yum yum! 😉 and interesting tibits..

Anyone hear about Whitney Houston?

Sucks, right?

That’s what the media  drugs do to you :L She was just 48… she didn’t even get to hit the big 50! I was watching the Baftas last night, and so pleased when they mentioned her. Several times. But y’know.  John Hurt definitely deserved that award! Remind me to go watch 1984.. ASAP!

Today’s pyjama day the first day of my half term, and I love it when I can just chill. Read a few newspapers, eat some PB, download a few legal eBooks;) I got a Kindle for Christmas, it’s amaaaaaaaaazing! Added bonus: don’t look like a geek when reading on the bus :p

I’ve been looking for some decent books to read… I’ve kinda read the entire teen contents of my local library. AND the one in the next town;)  What can I say, not’ya typical teen! Might also try and watch a few more LOST episodes… am completely stoked about that programme, only on Season 1 right now! Shame no one else in my house shares my passion; it sucks having the tv and the computer in the same room, but that’s life. Best get up super early and watch it before the prying eyes of my lil’ sis and bro come and see what the noise is!

Catch ya later…

Flo xox